Jim Greer

Police Chief of Trinity Springs




James “Jim” Greer was a lieutenant in the US Air Force during the Last War, serving as an F-40 Tigershark pilot. During the final months of the war, he was stationed at Polson Field, an airbase west of Reno, Nevada.

On the morning of Judgment Day, Polson Field was attacked by a Southern Alliance strike team. Greer and his crew chief, Ed Neubauer, managed to survive the attack and escape the base. They were headed to Reno to make contact with Northern Alliance command when they saw the first “ghost buster” bomb hit the city. Horrified, they turned their HMMWV around and returned to Polson Field, finding it deserted apart from the bodies of those killed in that morning’s assault. They fueled up, grabbed as many rations, weapons, and rounds of ammunition that the HMMWV could carry, and headed out in search of survivors.

They eventually found themselves in the small town of Trinity Springs, Nevada, where they offered the supplies and their military experience in exchange for a place to stay. The townsfolk readily accepted, and Greer, who had already seen the beginnings of the predation of looters and road gangs in the wake of Judgment Day, immediately set about organizing barricades to limit road access to the town and a militia to help patrol and protect it. He lead a party of his new militia members back to Polson Field with several trucks, and they used his base ID card to empty the remainder of the armory and base supply lockers to further provision Trinity Springs.

Greer settled easily into his new life in Trinity Springs. He was unanimously elected “Chief of Police” by the town after he organized and armed the militia, and he continues to serve in that position thirteen years later, in addition to taking his turns working the fields, tending the herds, and hunting for game in the foothills nearby. He met and fell in love with a local man named Allen Brown, and the two were married in the town’s church in 2083. The following year, a young couple was killed by an unidentified creature while hunting, and Greer and Brown adopted their infant daughter Victoria.

Greer, Brown, and Victoria lived together happily until 2089, when a cholera outbreak spread through Trinity Springs, claiming the lives of over fifty people including Brown. Since then, Greer has continued to raise Victoria (or “Vicky”, as she likes to be called) on his own.

On September 22, 2094, he was ambushed by Black Hats while investigating a report of armed scavengers in the town of Wise, ten miles east of Trinity Springs. Hit with a tranquilizer dart, he crashed his dirtbike while trying to escape and was rescued by the crew of a Convoy outrider group who were traveling nearby on Route NV-28. He returned to Trinity Springs with several volunteers from the convoy, only to find that it had somehow been occupied by Combine troops.

Jim Greer

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