A syker who spent the last 13 years in a vault.




“Audio log, outside day X”

“For the past 13 years I knew what I was doing and why. In the morning I ate breakfast, then went right to the Coil for 4 hours. After that I had about 8 hours of free time. There were games, Sadie was terrible at them, except cards. I read field manuals, watched the maintenance bots, decorated. They had a good amount of art supplies down there, by the end of it each maintenance bot was painted and colored differently. I did a lot of puzzles, and there were some basic training exercises we could do. I did them all, at least three times I think. Sometimes I had to sleep for 4 hours during my free time so that during the four hour Coil shift before bed I could give it my all. There were supposed to be at least two psykers down there, working the Coils. The first two years were the hardest; luckily we could supplement some of the power with batteries. But I had to learn to give more than I was supposed to. I hated the days I had to sleep for half my free time but Sadie was really good to me. It was ridiculous, but I knew what I was doing every day, and I knew why. Eventually we were gonna be free, someone from the army was waiting for the fallout to clear so they could rescue us and recover Sadie, and I’d be damned if I let us die before we got out.”

“But now… I don’t know. This isn’t what either of us thought had happened out here. I don’t know what happened really. I had to shoot something that looked like it was already dead the other day. I think it wanted to eat me? Never want to meet one of those again, but I bet I will.”

“I thought I might look for my family. I bet they are dead though. Not that I’d be able to find them if they were alive. Couldn’t find any record of my family and my memories not too good. Not even sure why I’m looking for them. I guess it was a plan besides survive, but it’s not gonna happen.” You hear her chuckle uncomfortably and choke back some tears during the next few sentences “Not unless I find a small blue house, with a green kitchen sink and a real pretty bird named Henry. Why can I remember the bird, he was a little squeaky one with feathers that started a pale cream color and the tips were yellow. He had some black dots and loved bananas. He bit me once. I was so mad at him that I hit his cage and broke his stick perch? I don’t think I ever got the chance to apologize to him for that. You know I heard that some birds can live a really long time, so maybe I will get the chance to see him again. More likely that finding my family huh, can’t even remember their faces.”

“I’m done for now, I’ll talk to you again soon Sadie. End of audio log”


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