Muriel Redwing

Leader of the Librarians' Security Forces




Prior to Judgment Day, Muriel Redwing was head of security for one of the largest casinos in Deadwood. She spearheaded the effort to get the casino’s owners and high rollers out of the city safely during the attack by a monstrous burned figure three days before the bombs fell, then watched in horror as the city collapsed behind them, killing thousands.

Disgusted by the self-preserving actions of Deadwood’s elites, the “Ravenites”, and by her own complicity, Redwing attempted to force the Ravenites to mount a rescue effort into the ruins but was prevented by the very security detail she once commanded.

As the months following the bombs passed, Redwing traveled west to the Great Maze and found the fledgling Librarian Order beginning its efforts to organize in the ruins of Sacramento. The Order had only a few members at the time, and they were poorly equipped and prepared to fend off any outside threats or to protect themselves while seeking additional sources of information. Most of the first Librarians were lifelong academics without combat experience or skills; they were being eaten alive (sometimes literally) by the dangers of the wastes.

Redwing made it her new purpose in life to change that. She gave the Librarians combat training and began to assemble an arsenal of weapons from the ruins (and, occasionally, from those who would have preyed upon her new charges). She also oversaw the construction of the walls that protect the Grand Library.

Redwing has remained with the Order since first coming to Sacramento in 2082 and now commands the armed Librarians who guard the order’s immense collection of knowledge. She takes her duties seriously, often arguing with Grand Librarian Marcus Liebowitz over security matters. He feels she is sometimes overzealous, while she believes that, despite his academic experience, Liebowitz is still sometimes horribly naive when it comes to restricting access to the stacks and protecting the Order.

Muriel Redwing

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