Shakespeare Frankenstein

Communications expert for the Grand Library




Found alone outside the walls of the Grand Library in Sacramento in 2083 as an infant, this child was taken in by the Librarians as their first and, to date, only ward. Initially raised “by committee”, with the Librarians dividing her care between them based upon who was available at any given time, she learned to read at a very young age (just about the only aspect of her education on which all of her guardians could agree) and named herself “Shakespeare Frankenstein” from two of her favorite-sounding words.

Her primary caretaker over the years has been Everett Stump, a junker who came to the Grand Library for research purposes and joined the Order permanently, offering his mechanical expertise in exchange for unlimited access to the Library’s stacks.

Stump rebuilt and optimized the Grand Library’s computer system, with Shakespeare often at his feet or passing him tools as he worked. As soon as Stump managed to achieve satellite communication access, Shakespeare became fascinated by the ability to speak with people all over the wastes (at least whenever the incredibly intermittent and unreliable remaining satellite coverage allows it), and she was the first Librarian to successfully communicate with ComSat.

While Shakespeare does not yet have an official rank within the Librarian Order, she has become its unofficial head of satellite communications and can usually be found in the Grand Library’s sub-basement, reading a new stack of books or tinkering on a bit of old tech while waiting for the next clear satellite window that will allow her to check in with the Branch Offices, download data and reports uploaded to ComSat by Librarians in the field, or simply spin the frequency and see if she can make any new contacts.

Shakespeare Frankenstein

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