Tag: Cult of Doom


  • Doomsayer Powers

    The following powers are sorted by the Character Rank at which they are available. You automatically have Environmental Protection and receive two additional Novice powers for free at character creation, and you can purchase additional powers as you …

  • The Boon of Oppenheimer

    One of [[:rasmussen | Silas Rasmussen]]'s trusted high priests, this fanatical member of the [[Cult of Doom]] specializes in tracking down heretical [[Doomsayers]] and returning them to the Glow permanently.

  • Josh Abayan

    A devout surfer prior to [[Judgment Day]], Josh Abayan [[Mutants | mutated]] soon thereafter and, spurned by the unchanged citizens of his home town, eventually found his way to the mutant haven of [[Las Vegas]]. He was one of the first to join Joan's …

  • Chey Alisher

    So I was told I should write this down. I explained to [[:josh | Josh]] that the Papernet isn’t secure anymore, but he told me this book was off the Papernet because it’s bound in “Nickelback”. He said it’s a type of nickel used on the back of things. …