The following is an excerpt from a Librarian interview with a member of a trade convoy named Alice Nickels:

Templars? Sure, I've heard of 'em. Who the {EXPLETIVE DELETED} hasn't, these days? Named themselves after the knights of the Crusades, from what I hear.

I've seen a few in my time, too, but these Templars ain’t quite as bright and shiny as you might want ’em to be. Word is they was founded by a fella named Simon Mercer. Like a buncha folks, Simon lost his family in the war and wandered around lost for a while tryin’ to get over it. While he was wanderin’, he watched would-be law dogs tryin’ to protect the rest of the folks from terrors or marauders like The Combine.

Reckon it made him sick to watch these good men and women throwin’ their lives away for a town fulla ingrates who begged for help when some evil critter was around, and then double-crossed 'em and strung ’em up afterwards.

Apparently, he wasn't all talk: he actually did somethin’ about it. He started up the Templars in Boise, Idaho. Simon calls himself the Grandmaster, and he managed to recruit a bunch of others he felt was worthy o’ wearin’ the white shirt and red cross of the old knights. They must be doin' something right, ’cause these Templars can heal with a touch, and they make their own swords that can cut through varmints like a hot knife through butter.

Oh sure, they travel around the wastes protectin’ the innocent, healing the sick, and all that other hero stuff. SOMETIMES. That's the catch: they don’t throw their lives away for just anyone. If a town’s in danger of being overrun by raiders, a Templar might disguise himself and listen to the folks to see if they’re “worthy” of saving. If they are, the Templar’ll whip off his disguise and show them their uniform and sword. If the Templars don’t deem your sorry hide worth their sacrifice, they keep right on goin’, and you never even know they were there. Once they’re committed, though, Templars fight to the death.

But who decides if folks are "worthy" or not? The Templars, of course. Right convenient, ain't it?

One other thing I’ve heard about ’em: it ain’t easy to become a Templar, and  those that betray the rest are in for a sorry fate. 

Now, how 'bout that "interview fee" you mentioned?


Hell on Earth: Gimme Shelter Doc_Webb