Wormlings are mysterious subterranean creatures. Although there were isolated (usually uncomfirmed) sightings of these creatures for decades, they have become significantly more prevalent in the years since Judgment Day. Their exact origin is unknown, but many scientists believe they may be a hybrid of humans and Mojave Rattlers because testing of captured or deceased specimens displays the DNA of both species. Exactly how such a hybrid could be created, however, is still only the subject of wild speculation.

The relation to Mojave Rattlers is supported both by their appearance and that wormling sightings generally occur in the same regions where rattlers have traditionally been observed, although there have also been sightings as much as 200 miles from the nearest rattler habitat.

One undisputed fact is that wormlings are dangerous. They normally hunt in packs of six to ten, and very few things can escape these ruthless predators. In addition to their physical strength, quickness, and resilience, wormlings also secrete an acidic saliva that can be spit over short distances. Most wormling packs stake out a territory as their hunting ground and defend it against all comers, be they humans, Mutants, or other wormlings.

These hunting grounds are studded with pit traps crafted by the wormlings by removing the earth from beneath a section of ground and lining the resulting hole with bits of jagged metal and sharp rocks. In urban areas, wormlings sometimes create above-ground traps by using their acid to weaken a building’s structural girders. Anyone placing any strain on these undermined buildings causes them to collapse, leaving an easy meal for the wormlings in the wreckage.


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