Judgment Day

September 23, 2081, at 6:17 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

That's when the USA began its major nuclear launch against the CSA. Andrew Bates – fuckin' A-Bomb Andy - launched the entire US arsenal, and CSA Strategic Command retaliated in kind. About half of each nations’ nukes were aimed at the other, and the rest were fired off at cities around the world. Every other nation with nuclear capabilities responded in kind. Most every important target on Earth was hit, and the planet was blanketed in death.

Most of the bombs that fell on Judgment Day were city busters, sometimes called “ghost busters” because of the ghost rock inside These weapons were designed to kill everyone in a city without completely destroying its strategic value Of course, that ignored the thousands of screaming souls unleashed on the earth and the damage they did in the resulting “ghost storm”.

Most of the bombs that fell on Judgment Day were city busters, sometimes called “Ghost Busters” because of the ghost rock inside, designed to maximize casualties while minimizing structural damage. Of course, no one accounted for  the thousands of screaming souls unleashed on the earth from the mass detonations of ghost rock bombs. The resulting "Ghost Storms" formed swirling walls of screaming death around the cities, obliterating everything inside and killing or mutating everyone in a thirty mile radius outside.

These pools of death and horror were known as Deadlands, and the fear and anguished generated therefrom resulted in something even worse than the bombs: the arrival of the Reckoners. These beings stepped directly out of the Book of Revelations, appearing as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the American West, where the fighting prior to Judgment Day was at its worst.

War showed up in Kansas, raised an army of the dead, and then stomped its way north through the Dakotas. Famine popped up in California, knocked what was left of the City of Lost Angels flat, and, despite losing its steed to the priests of the Free and Holy City, headed East with a trail of starvation behind it. Pestilence appeared outside Nacogdoches and led its army of plague zombies on a rampage through Texas, Louisiana, and points East. Death arose in Death Valley, leaving a trail of corpses all the way to the Mississippi and forging beyond into the walls of walking dead that now occupied the entirety of the formerly heavily-populated East Coast.

The Reckoning had finally come.

Judgment Day

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