Spook Juice

When the 1973 Oil Crisis rolled around, the United States decided to rely more heavily on domestic fuel sources. It was pretty obvious North America lacked the easily accessible oil resources of the Middle East, so the US instead turned to Ghost Rock.

Scientists eventually concocted a process through which ghost rock could be melted without catching fire, and then they managed to distill the good parts out as fuel. At the time, drivers needed to purchase a fuel converter for their vehicles to run on spook juice, but it didn’t take long for Detroit to fall in step and start manufacturing cars that ran exclusively on the stuff. At first, spook juice multiplied noise pollution many times, but engineers pretty quickly figured out how to modify mufflers to stifle the screaming.

Technological espionage being what it was between the two nations, CSA spies quickly stole the process for refining spook juice. It wasn’t long before first world nations all across the globe were refining spook juice and driving spook juice powered cars.

By the way, if you’re stupid enough, you can drink spook juice. It’s got twice the kick of any other hooch. It'll also sometimes just flat-out kill you.

Spook Juice

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